Visit our Yelp pages for our  Clarksville and Turf Valley locations. Below, check out what people are saying about Mimi's Kabob. Taken from our actual Yelp reviews!

"I have to get Mimis Kabob at least once a month! This is one of my favorite places! Nice people, great food!" 

“Both the gyro and chicken tikka were phenomenal, I assume the other items are just as good, as what I saw come out of the kitchen looked great as well.” 

“If your in need of some great food, very tasty chicken that will fill you up then this is definitely the spot!” 

"Very good. Best afghani/middle eastern food around. Definitely recommend. Even good vegetarian options." 

"FANTASTIC!! Meat grilled to perfection and tender and flavorful. Fresh & Hot! Every dish was wonderful!!"