Authentic Afghan Bistro

All kabobs are served with rice, tandoori bread, salad and yogurt chutney. Substitution of eggplant or pumpkin will be 1.00 extra

Chicken Kabob 10.99
Flame broiled marinated chunks of chicken breast.

Lamb Kabob 11.99
Flame broiled marinated chunks of lamb.

Beef Kabob 11.99
Flame broiled marinated chunks of beef.

Kofta Kabob 10.99
Flame broiled seasoned ground beef on skewers.

Lamb Chop 17.99
Flame broiled pieces of lamb chops.

Chicken Tikka 10.99
Boneless chicken thighs marinated in
special herbs and spices,flame broiled.

Vegetable Platter 9.99
Combination of rice eggplant, pumpkin,
green peas potatoes and spinach.

Seasonal Veggie Kabob 8.99

Chicken Seekh Kabob 9.99
Ground chicken with seasoning.

Salmon 15.99
Flame broiled seasoned salmon fillet.

Shrimp Kabob 13.99
Flame broiled pieces of shape

Chicken Karahi 9.99
Chicken sauteed with tomatoes, ginger and spices.

Chicken Tandoori  2 piece - 9.99 / Half - 14.99
Chicken marinated in traditional tandoori spices and roasted over flame in our tandoori oven.


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 Entrees & Combos


Kofta & Chicken 14.99

Lamb & Chicken 14.99

Beef & Chicken 14.99

Chicken & Chicken 13.99

All curry specials are served with rice or bread.

Chicken Curry 8.99
Boneless chicken breast in curry sauce.

Chicken Curry Platter 9.99
Boneless chicken breast in curry sauce,
plus salad or vegetable.

Lamb Curry 8.99
Boneless lamb in curry sauce.

Lamb Curry Platter 10.99
Boneless lamb in curry sauce,
plus salad or vegetable.

5.99  All menu items comes with a small drink.

Chicken Tenders
Served with french fries

Chicken Kabob
Served with rice or bread

Kids Pasta
with meat sauce

Chicken Nuggets
Served with french fries